Jim Kwik

There are those that talk a good talk and then there is Steve that lives it.

~ Jim Kwik
Roland Fraiser

Sims just does things differently AND it works !

~ Roland Frasier
Jay Abraham

Simply put I endorse him.

~ Jay Abraham

It’s not just a matter of where you show up but HOW.

Far too many individuals and brands lose their potential client by confusing them. Sending mixed messages and images and quite frankly losing clarity on what they offer and solve for that potential client – this needs to STOP!

So what do


We fine tune your message, your tone, and the solution.

We make sure those potential clients and customers find you impossible to misunderstand and therefore HAVE TO HAVE YOU in their world – they need to know why they NEED you!

Once we have removed all confusion from your brand, we move to amplifying your message/brand the right way.

Be in control of your message, brand and tone with us at your side, that’s why YOU need SIMS.MEDIA



type writter

Getting media is one thing, what you do with it is everything

The world of marketing and branding is chocker block with confusion, fancy websites with fake followers and strategies that became ineffective 10 years ago – sadly, that’s the world we live in and unlike this website it’s not all black and white.

The fact is, marketing and branding today is as much the wild west as it was when it started. It’s constantly changing, and you need to adapt. Your strategy that worked 2 years ago needs to change to be as effective today.

After branding and marketing through the fickle world of luxury for 20 plus years, our focus today is helping you, your product or service identify its target avatar and then appropriately appear wherever your potential clients are looking.












Why We Are


To know why we are different is to first recognize what everyone else is doing wrong

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No contracts

If we become an expense rather than an asset, you stop paying.
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From lifestyle brands to speakers, mortgage brokers, authors, and influencers.
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Doubt it? Then ask around.
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This keeps us testing, trying and evolving.
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Real People

You communicate with us, not a dashboard.
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We do what matters, not what sounds pretty.


ari mesial

Experience is something

that should be seen and not heard and Steve Sims is an absolute master!

~ Ari Meisel
tim larken

There is no fluff or waste

of your time with them. They respect your time and make sure to overdeliver.

~ Tim Larkin
Ben Hardy

Sims convinced me to go on

300 podcasts in 1 year, and his team helped me get on many. There have been powerful ripple effects from those 300 podcasts that continue to benefit me over 12 months later.

~ Benjamin Hardy
Joe polish

Steve is impactful

He is the go to guy for the next level of anything you’re needing, podcasts, marketing or speaking. He’s the guy to help you.

~ Joe Polish

Sims Media is the ONLY

media group I will trust with my stuff. After going through different companies for almost 15 years, no one stacks up like them. They have become like an extension of our own family. Super good people producing fantastic work.

~ Martha Krejci
Bill Hart

SIMS.MEDIA deliver the

hard, cold truth about your current marketing and branding and then provide the solution to how to do it properly.

~ Bill Hart - Coach, Speaker & Author
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How to Start a Podcast

How to Start a Podcast

Do you want to start your own podcast? You can, whether you’re looking to make some extra cash on the side


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