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Getting media is one thing, what you do with it is everything

The world of marketing and branding is chocker block with confusion, fancy websites with fake followers and strategies that became ineffective 10 years ago – sadly, that’s the world we live in and unlike this website it’s not all black and white.

The fact is, marketing and branding today is as much the wild west as it was when it started. It’s constantly changing, and you need to adapt. Your strategy that worked 2 years ago needs to change to be as effective today.

After branding and marketing through the fickle world of luxury for 20 plus years, our focus today is helping you, your product or service identify its target avatar and then appropriately appear wherever your potential clients are looking.

We have worked and appeared in a wide range of media from top TV from New York to Australia, print media from Forbes to the South China Morning Post to the new medium of podcasts.

From print media in ivy league publications to appearing on the hot new podcast – don’t allow where you show up to happen by chance.

Then the real work happens, once you get the attention what you do with it is imperative, we have a saying for this;

“Getting media is one thing, what you do with it is EVERYTHING”

Selecting a group to help you get your message out there is no easy decision. Don’t take it lightly, make sure to ask questions.

If interested in building a structure, a strategy that will be adaptable to change to global temperament, lifestyle changes as well as digital platforms then reach out and let’s chat.

Confusion is the Cancer of business. In a world of deafening noise, how do you stand out? Well, the wrong answer is opting for looking good in a bathing suit, have a glow of orange poorly applied Groupon spray tan, or leaning against a sports car they do not own nor can afford to rent for a day! That is NEVER our route.

Our map to the Holy Grail is discovering your Unicorn, your Credibility, and your actual ability. Only after all that we share you with the world creating real substance and impact. Once your impact and the solutions you provide are laid out, it’s time to expose your message. How do we do that? We introduce our adaptable matrix with a formula and format to your message and spread the good news through social media platforms, podcasts, written media, TV shows.

While many other media companies are confused by all the white noise, we at Sims Media know there has never been a better time to expose your impact.

Your time is NOW – allow your new media team to help you optimize and monetize!!

What’s in it for you aside from working with a team that get shit done?

So, what do we do?

  • Refine and write your message
  • Detailed social hit list
  • Social fingerprint
  • Design and distribute message over social platforms
  • Strategize for maximum growth over all social platforms




PR is Dead, Long Live PR.

Now before you make the critical mistake of believing PR is all about getting your article in a magazine or your face on the cover of a magazine to the tune of 3-4k with other media companies. Consider for a moment WHERE or WHAT platforms your target market consume their content.

Broken down PR is simply nothing more than a bridge to get your message, your product, your service, and your mission to resolve problems out to the right islands. The bridge could take you to print articles, online blogs, podcasts (ask us what size podcast audience is most likely to take action to learn about your brand) virtual seminars.

Let us find out what bridge is best for your brand and get you on the island with them.

As we always say, getting media is one thing, what you do with it is EVERYTHING!!

Contrary to popular belief branding is not merely colors, logos, or fancy taglines. Branding is what people say about you or your service when you’re NOT in the room.

Step one of branding is to understand what problem you are solving and allow that solution to be your message When your company becomes about being a solution and not an invoice, loyal customers no longer hide.

In a fast-paced world where we solve rather than sell it is IMPERATIVE to establish crystal clear what it is you solve in as little text as possible. How is that done?

We work with copywriters, creators, and expert word smiths identify your voice, tone, and solution. We then place that in front of people that NEED you- not simply like what you do.

What do we do?

  • Identify what problem you are the solution to
  • Audit your current branding
  • Audit your social fingerprint
  • Reformat your digital presence for ease of discovery




Launching a book is the fastest way to establish credibility and propel you into podcasts, onto stages and a direct route to monetizing your knowledge.

A good friend our ours said once “No one became a millionaire from writing a book, they got there from the opportunities the book provided them”.

To be clear we don’t help you write the book, we have a great partner to do that for you. What we do is focus on how to get it out there and get your message the notice it requires.

After all its your story and people need to hear it.

What do we do?

  • Design and complete your author sheet
  • Distribute to all media agents relevant
  • Book podcasts
  • Submit for relevant print/online articles

The new medium and the fastest way to get into a new audience – but what audience?

Far too many people jump into any podcasts that will have them and end up chatting with the wrong crowd or delivering the wrong message.

We believe podcasts are solid gold when worked within a tight structured and focused model – get on the right podcasts that actually move the needle.

With over 1000 podcasts booked for us and our guests, we know to not only get you booked but how to use that media to propel you onto many others.

Let us get your voice/service/product into the right audience.

What do we do?

  • Design and create a one sheet about you
  • Book podcasts, starting at 4 per month
  • A dedicated agent to strategize




You can’t unveil twice!

They say first impressions count. Knowing that, why do so many people launch onto deaf ears or into the wrong audience?

From a celebrity filled event to a virtual unveil, let us and our over 25-year experience make sure you come out to a rousing applause.

From closing a museum with the “It” crowd or virtual forum to reveal the problems that your product/service is the solution to – positioning is everything!

Come out in style or don’t bother!

What do we do?

  • Strategize how to launch and when
  • Discover your avatar
  • Build a release model around you
  • Design the relevant event, live or online

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