Jim Kwik

There are those that talk a good talk and then there is Steve that lives it.

~ Jim Kwik
Roland Fraiser

Sims just does things differently AND it works !

~ Roland Frasier
Jay Abraham

Simply put I endorse him.

~ Jay Abraham

It’s not just a matter of where you show up but HOW.

Far too many individuals and brands lose their potential client by confusing them. Sending mixed messages and images and quite frankly losing clarity on what they offer and solve for that potential client – this needs to STOP!

So what do


We fine tune your message, your tone, and the solution.

We make sure those potential clients and customers find you impossible to misunderstand and therefore HAVE TO HAVE YOU in their world – they need to know why they NEED you!

Once we have removed all confusion from your brand, we move to amplifying your message/brand the right way. – through creating the ultimate client experience.

Be in control of your message, brand and tone with us at your side, that’s why YOU need SIMS.MEDIA



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What does Sir Elton John’s Oscar party or sending people down to see the wreck of Titanic have anything in common with your brand – more than you would think!

For 25+ yr’s that’s what our co-founder Steve Sims did, he was the go to guy for the wealthiest people in the planet giving them amazing experiences.

From singing on stage with your favorite artist to closing a museum in Florence for a dinner party of 6 at the feet of Michelangelo‘s “David” and then having Andre Bocelli serenade them during their main course – this is what he did.

Now while Steve fancies himself as a somewhat talented individual his son Henry, the other co -founder wanted to see if this method of branding, generating an experience and creating triggers could be replicated in your business and guess what – it can and it HAS!

By focusing on clarity of message, visual continuity and tonality throughout your branding while structuring the consumers experience we can help you create your exceptional brand and gain the clients you want, NOT the ones you are getting !

How do we do this?

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Have you ever made a meal and it

tasted awful??

The right ingredients but maybe not in the correct order or amounts - that’s branding

Too much of one thing doesn’t make a good thing, it ruins a balance, and a great brand has exceptional balance!

Simply put if you brand badly you end up providing a bad taste in someone’s mouth


Your recipe to an

exceptional brand

Continuing with the cooking metaphors (apologies in advance for that but we liked it) we look at the correct recipe to produce an exceptional brand. Now that we know there must be a balance, how do we help you create that balance and that exceptional brand?

Establish Clarity

It all starts with a call. From here we can discover tone, format, and ultimately the end goal you are trying to achieve with your brand.

Then we dive deeper to see not only where you show up, but how. Are your competitors helping those searching for you flow to a different site under the assumption it’s you? Are they picking up on some old media that does not reflect who you are today? Let’s find out not only where, but how you show up!

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Do you have a C.H.O.C, Central Hub Of Communication? In short its where you get to control the narrative, your story, your tone, your customer journey, and should be the first thing that ever pops up on a search of your service, product, or brand. The first search result should never be someone else’s platform like a social media feed.

While we have the idea of a great website in your head, you need to know what a website is – it’s a trophy chest, it’s all your media, your perfect copy, your enhanced pics, it’s where you peacock and showoff your best assets – think of it as your First Impression!

Have a site that screams you!

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Content Foundation

Ask yourself, if you really want to learn more about someone, do you google them or check out their social feeds? You check out their social feeds! Why? Because most people update their website every 3-5 years but update their social before their morning coffee. Simply put it’s a more current view of who they are and what they stand for. PAY attention to it!

Beyond that, you may checkout their podcast or YouTube channel. All of it serves a purpose and works to build that relationship with your audience. Whether it’s long-form YouTube videos, 60 second social media clips, or Podcasts, we help you construct and distribute the content that will resonate with YOUR audience – take control of how someone sees you.

Fun fact – over 30% of our clients don’t even know their social logins. They trust us in making sure their socials are in tune with their purpose, tone, and solution.

As a good friend once said, “there a huge difference between being easy to understand and impossible to misunderstand”.

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Now that you have clarity on your brand and audience, you have your C.H.O.C. in place, and your content foundation allows people to find you everywhere they look… it’s time to amplify it.

Podcasts are fantastic, especially when you are on someone elses. No better way to establish credibility and jump into other sandpits than someone else introducing you as an expert to their audience. Let’s get you on other people’s podcasts.

While on that subject of podcasts why not launch your own?

Is that the only one way to get in other people’s sandpits? Nope! Speaking on stage allows you to share your message with that audience AND gives you valuable assets to repurpose on social media and your website to build on the credibility with your existing audience!

At this point, you are ready to expand and amplify in the form of social media ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, webinars, etc. and we can help you manage it all. Here is where you’re ready for us to become your CBP (Clarity & Branding Partner).

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Why We Are


To know why we are different is to first recognize what everyone else is doing wrong

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No contracts

If we become an expense rather than an asset, you stop paying.
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From lifestyle brands to speakers, mortgage brokers, authors, and influencers.
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Doubt it? Then ask around.
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This keeps us testing, trying and evolving.
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Real People

You communicate with us, not a dashboard.
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We do what matters, not what sounds pretty.


    Clarity with Sims Media

    Sit down with us to chat about everything branding, marketing & business

    ari mesial

    Experience is something

    that should be seen and not heard and Steve Sims is an absolute master!

    ~ Ari Meisel
    tim larken

    There is no fluff or waste

    of your time with them. They respect your time and make sure to overdeliver.

    ~ Tim Larkin
    Ben Hardy

    Sims convinced me to go on

    300 podcasts in 1 year, and his team helped me get on many. There have been powerful ripple effects from those 300 podcasts that continue to benefit me over 12 months later.

    ~ Benjamin Hardy
    Joe polish

    Steve is impactful

    He is the go to guy for the next level of anything you’re needing, podcasts, marketing or speaking. He’s the guy to help you.

    ~ Joe Polish

    Sims Media is the ONLY

    media group I will trust with my stuff. After going through different companies for almost 15 years, no one stacks up like them. They have become like an extension of our own family. Super good people producing fantastic work.

    ~ Martha Krejci
    Bill Hart

    SIMS.MEDIA deliver the

    hard, cold truth about your current marketing and branding and then provide the solution to how to do it properly.

    ~ Bill Hart - Coach, Speaker & Author


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