“Podcasts are a fad!” Is that what you thought in 2005?

Since that date, podcasts have grown to be THE on-demand platform for all generations from Gen Z to Boomers.

So why are you taking so long to get the message? – you need to HAVE or BE ON a podcast!

So, how do you do this? – well that’s the easy part and we have a couple options to help, but there’s more to it.

We help you build a bio and share your knowledge on those podcasts that will gain you exposure and credibility.

Each month, based on your commitment and time, we get you booked on the right shows!

Now while that sounds short and sweet, the first step is to check if you are the right kind of client for podcasts. Then there are the other obvious requirements before we begin:

Podcast Booking
  • Is your message valuable?
  • Can you help others?
  • How is your delivery with your message?
  • What do you do with the podcast once you have been on it?

Podcasts are not a field of dreams moment. Just because you can get on a podcast doesn’t mean you should! Let’s make it work for you by operating under the right strategy.

Getting on a podcast is one thing, what you do once on there and after is EVERYTHING!

If you have value that needs to be shared with the right audiences, contact us to get your message out there.


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