“What’s all the hype about with podcasts?” Is that what you
thought in 2005?

Since that date, podcasts have grown to be THE on-demand platform for all generations from Gen Z to Boomers.
Thinking of starting a podcast?
Already have a podcast? 
Don’t like all the burden of uploading, editing, and distribution that you need to do with a podcast?
Engaging with Sims Media to run your podcast is probably the smartest thing you can do. You can then focus on just one thing, recording the podcast.

Let us take care of the editing, adding intros and outros, uploading to multiple sources to maximize distribution through your podcast platform, and we can even integrate them into your social media content strategy.

Podcast Production

Let us handle:

  • Editing audio quality
  • Editing out the long pauses
  • Splicing together multiple recordings
  • Adding bookends of intros & outros
  • Uploading to podcast platforms

Podcasts have grown in the last 3 years from 500k in 2018 to 2 million currently. They are consistently rising! It’s time for you to just focus
on the fun part of recording.

We’ll handle the grit of making sure it’s successful!

If you’re ready to accept the power of podcasts, contact us to help you start your show, grow your show, and promote your show.


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