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To be able to disrupt anything, you first need a solid understanding of what it is in its basic state, that leads us to the question, “What is media?”

The term media, which is the plural of medium, refers to the communication channels through which we disseminate news, music, movies, education, promotional messages, and other data.

It includes physical and online newspapers and magazines, television, radio, billboards, telephone, the Internet and even fax.

It describes the various ways through which we communicate in society. Because it refers to all means of communication, everything ranging from a telephone call to the evening news on television can be called media.

Now we have defogged what Media actually is and educated ourselves to realize it’s not just posting on Facebook, we can commence to disrupt and manage the media in the form that works best for you – this is what makes us STAND OUT!

We work to use whichever media platform works best for your message, tone, and solution.


Steve Sims

Steve Sims is most well-known for working with some of the most powerful, affluent people and events in the world via the launch of his concierge firm that had him titled as the real life wizard of Oz by Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine.

During his 25 years in this role, he learned how to gain and work media not only for his company but also for the events he partnered with. Media that ranged from Robb Report, Wall St Journal, London Sunday Times to the South China Morning Post and Australian Sunrise Morning show – in fact well over 200 publications, TV, and magazine articles.

In fact, he became so good at it he spoke at Harvard TWICE!

Steve has worked/partnered with events and brands that have included The Kentucky Derby, New York Fashion Week, Formula 1, Palm Beach Art Fair, Sir Elton John’s Oscar party, Tiffany, Piaget, Bang & Olufsen. He’s launched 3 credit cards, a magazine, and several books including his bestselling book ‘BLUEFISHING – The Art of Making Things Happen’ to name a few accolades.

After the release of his best-selling book “BLUEFISHING – The Art of Making Things Happen” he set about a new chapter to see if what he managed to do for himself and the events/companies he worked with could be replicated for entrepreneurs, small business, and other brands – he discovered it could with raging success!

Since SIMS.MEDIA was officially launched. Steve and the team have been responsible in working with brands ranging from Audio to Makeup lines, authors to influencers, plumbers to podcasters.

Henry Sims

Growing up, Henry saw firsthand the good, the bad, and the constant roller coaster that is the life of an entrepreneur. Frankly, opting-in to this lifestyle seemed bizarre. Instead, he let his analytical mind and passion for motorcycles direct him into Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University.

He enjoyed it and very quickly ranked at the top of many of his classes, but being an entrepreneur was in his blood and it didn’t take long before he realized that his skills, thought process, and goals best fit into the life of an entrepreneur. Where so many entrepreneurs suffer from shiny object syndrome and end up confusing themselves and sometimes harming their own business, Henry is able to build clarity, simplicity, and action into every element of a driven entrepreneur’s marketing and branding.

He utilized all of his skills for analyzing data and systems to start a small digital marketing firm where he could analyze the marketing and branding efforts of his clients and optimize it for greater returns with less effort. It grew to a very healthy number of clients that relied on his ability and analytical mind to formulate the best way to expand their brand and message into the market they desired to be in.



The world of marketing and branding is chockablock with confusion, fancy websites, fake followers, and strategies that became ineffective 10 years ago – sadly, that’s the world we live in and unlike this website it’s not all black and white.

The fact is, marketing and branding today is as much the wild west as it was when it started. It’s constantly changing, and you need to adapt. Your strategy that worked 2 years ago needs to change to be as effective today.

After branding and marketing with personal & lifestyle brands, from keynote speakers to business coaches, and lifestyle brands, from luxury concierges to skincare products, for 20 plus years, our focus today is helping you, your product, or service identify its target avatar and then appropriately appear wherever your potential clients are looking.

We have worked and appeared in a wide range of media from top TV from New York to Australia, print media from Forbes to the South China Morning Post to the new medium of podcasts.

From print media in ivy league publications to appearing on the hot new podcast – don’t allow where you show up to happen by chance.

Then the real work happens once you get the attention. What you do with it is imperative, we have a saying for this;

“Getting media is one thing, what you do with it is EVERYTHING”

Selecting a group to help you get your message out there is no easy decision. Don’t take it lightly, make sure to ask questions.

If interested in building a structure, a strategy that will be adaptable to change, to global temperament, lifestyle changes as well as digital platforms, then reach out and let’s chat.


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