Digital Fingerprint

What does Sir Elton John’s Oscar party or sending people down to see the wreck of Titanic have anything in common with your brand – more than you would think!

For 25+ yr’s that’s what our co-founder Steve Sims did. He was the go to guy for the wealthiest people in the planet giving them amazing experiences.

From singing on stage with your favorite artist to closing a museum in Florence for a dinner party of 6 at the feet of Michelangelo‘s “David” and then having Andrea Bocelli serenade them during their main course – this is what he did.

Now while Steve fancies himself as a somewhat talented individual, his son Henry, the other co-founder, wanted to see if this method of branding, generating an experience, and creating triggers could be replicated in your business and guess what – it can and it HAS!

By focusing on clarity of message, visual continuity, and tonality throughout your branding while structuring the consumers experience we can help you create your exceptional brand and gain the clients you want, NOT the ones you are getting!

How are you doing with your clarity?

Complete this checklist and then set up your clarity call

Define Your Core:

Before you move on to the Checklist, take time to define your core by answering these questions first. Your answers should be short because brevity is clarity!

  1. Who do you help?
  2. How do you help them?
  3. What vibe do you want them to get when they engage with your brand?
  4. Where do they go to do business with you?

As you go through the Checklist below, ask yourself if the areas you’re analyzing support what you defined as your core! Now pull up your website and each of your social media platforms.

Own Your Digital Presence