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Confusion is the Cancer of business! In a world of deafening noise, how do you stand out?

Well, the wrong answer is opting for looking good in a bathing suit, having a glow of orange poorly applied Groupon spray tan, or leaning against a sports car you don’t own nor can afford to rent for a day! That is NEVER our route.

Our map to the Holy Grail is discovering your unicorn, your credibility, and your actual ability.

After all of that, we share you with the world creating real substance and impact. Once your impact and the solutions you provide are laid out, it’s time to expose your message.

How do we do that? We introduce our adaptable matrix with a formula and format to your message and spread the good news through social media platforms, podcasts,  and written media.

While many other media companies are confused by all the white noise, we at Sims Media know there has never been a better time to expose your impact.

Your time is NOW – allow your new media team to help you optimize and monetize!!

What’s in it for you aside from working with a team that gets shit done? So, what do we do?

production management
  • Audit your social fingerprint
  • Audit your current branding
  • Identify what problem you are the solution to
  • Refine and write your message
  • Strategize for maximum growth over all social & media platforms
  • Distribute your message over social & media platforms
  • Analyze and optimize throughout the course of our partnership

Contrary to popular belief branding is not merely colors, logos, or fancy taglines. Branding is what people say about you or your service when you’re NOT in the room.

Step one of branding is to understand what problem you are solving and allow that solution to be your message. When your company becomes about being a solution and not an invoice, loyal customers no longer hide.

In a fast-paced world where we solve rather than sell, it is IMPERATIVE to establish crystal clear what it is you solve in as little text as possible. How is that done?

We work with copywriters, strategists, graphic designers, and video editors to highlight your voice, tone, and solution. We then place that in front of people that NEED you – not simply like what you do.

If you are serious about creating a brand that is impossible to misunderstand, let’s chat.


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